Broad Street Shops

The state of its shops, roads, parks, schools and community infrastructures, make a difference to our towns and our collective sense of pride in the area.

The former Bed City shop on the junction of Broad Street and The Causeway has been vacant for a few years now. The floor area is over 4000 sq. ft. and the rent has been reduced to encourage letting. The shop has a very large shop frontage, disproportionate with the scale of other businesses in the area, and it would appear that there are a limited number of uses that could occupy such a space.  

“The proposal, by reason of the loss of a retail unit in a key shopping frontage, would reduce the number and choice of retail units and the potential range of goods for shoppers which would be prejudicial to maintaining both the attractiveness and retail viability of Teddington town centre, maintaining the accessibility to shopping facilities of less mobile local residents and reducing the need to travel by car.”