Haliford Manor Grand Entrance

We are so delighted with the finished project! Thank you!

i. Haliford Manor House

Changing the staircase and entrance hall to this beautiful house transformed it from a dingy series of rooms to a space worthy of the title Manor!

This beautiful Manor House is a Listed Building in a Conservation Area and had been haphazardly changed internally over the years. Our clients didn’t need more space – just a rationalisation of the internal areas rooms and a change to the existing closed staircase that crossed the front windows rather inelegantly.

The technical resolution of the staircase to create the right step heights, clear the cloakroom underneath, clear the window cill and meet the finished floor level on the first floor is the stuff architects are made for! The reorganised rooms, including the master suite with a dressing room and en-suite, have given the owners to opportunity to enjoy their beautiful home.

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